Semi trailers have a long history, having been used to haul cargo for more than 125 years. Even so, companies in many markets continue to find new ways to use rented, leased or purchased semi trailers.

In the residential market, for example, the focus is on purchased semi trailers. Homeowners or the companies assisting them with moves often use semi trailers for storage related to a relocation. Storage trailers can come in handy before, during and after a move.

Semi Trailer Rental and Leasing in the Commercial Market

Semi trailers are most commonly and frequently used in the commercial market. Often, they are used to transport goods, locally, regionally or on cross-country treks. Leasing or renting semi trailers for local cartage or over-the-road (OTR) use allows companies to flex their hauling capacity in sync with surges in need. For example, suppliers and retailers may rent semi trailers in the months leading up to and through the holiday season. These trailers are used to bring in extra inventory to ensure shelves remain stocked during the busiest, and most profitable, time of year.

Another use of rented, leased or purchased dry van semi trailers—and one that is growing in popularity—is to augment storage and warehousing capacity. Companies can park semi trailers at their facility or an offsite location and use them to store goods or materials that they don’t have room for within their facility. Here again, the ability to “flex” their capacity is much more cost-effective than building additional storage space that may be only sparingly used at certain times of the year, or entering into a long-term warehouse rental contract and not getting the full value from it.

In some cases, storage trailers are used to accommodate reverse logistics. Most companies have to deal with the return of goods to some degree. For many, it’s a haphazard process that leaves them scrambling to find space when a large number of returns occur at the same time. Other businesses take a more coordinated approach, and have rented or leased semi trailers available to handle a surge in returns or even just the normal, steady flow. Products may be stored while they await repairs or until they can be disassembled, with parts either reused, recycled or discarded as appropriate.

In general, as companies look for ways to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively, semi trailers continue to play an ever-bigger role in their business strategy.

Rental Semi Trailers in High Demand: The Coastal Crunch

Rented and leased semi trailers are used all around the U.S., from big cities to small towns. However, currently the greatest need is on the east and west coasts. In fact, many semi trailer rental companies are finding themselves out of inventory. As a result, many businesses are looking for other locations than the coasts to find rental trailers in cities like Denver and Phoenix that they can quickly bring in to address their requirements.

Evolving to Meet Your Semi Trailer Rental Needs

At Boxwheel, we’ve got decades of cumulative experience in trailer rental, leasing and sales. But we’ve got our eyes on the horizon as well. We’re always watching industry trends and adapting our offerings to ensure our customers in every business and geographic market get the high-quality, cost-effective trailers they need and the dedicated and attentive service they deserve.

Of course, even as our business evolves, one fact remains the same: Relationships matter. We work hard to be more than a provider, but instead to be a partner and advisor to our customers. When they have a need, we listen carefully and then work with them to find the right rental or leasing solution. That assistance is valuable to them both today and down the road when a new need arises.

Have a Semi Trailer Rental and Leasing Resource at the Ready

If you have questions about our extensive inventory of dry van, liftgate, refrigerated and flatbed semi trailers for rent or lease from our locations in the Denver and Phoenix areas, please contact Boxwheel Trailer Leasing at your convenience. We’re happy to talk with you about how renting or leasing might be beneficial to your company and why Boxwheel’s experience and hassle-free, three-step semi trailer rental or leasing process can be used to your advantage.

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