There are many factors to consider when looking for a semi trailer rental or leasing partner. From whether their over the road or cartage semi trailers include GPS tracking to the maintenance services they provide and how you benefit from them, you need to ensure that they are an asset to your business.

Another part of that equation is how efficient their semi trailer rental and leasing processes are. Why does that matter? There are a number of reasons.

Get on the Road With Your Semi Trailer Faster

Whether you’re in the transportation business or you use semi trailers to ship goods or materials, time is money. The faster you can get the type of trailer you need (dry van, flatbed, refrigerated, lift gate, etc.) and get on the road, the better. It’s not an exaggeration to say that any delay in the process can hurt your profitability.

You’ve probably had this experience. You call to arrange your trailer rental, hoping you’ll be on the phone for just a few minutes and then can move on to the next item on your task list. Instead, the representative hits you with a laundry list of questions and requirements that seem to have nothing to do with the simple trailer rental transaction.

You hang up a little frustrated, but glad you’ve got a semi trailer reserved. Unfortunately, when you arrive at the lot to pick it up, there’s more red tape and a rental team that seems to be very disorganized. And, again, you find yourself stressed by the fact that you’re burning daylight.

The flip side of this scenario is one in which your semi trailer rental provider has a time-tested process focused on getting only the required information from you. And when you go to pick up the trailer, it’s prepped and ready to roll.

Expand Your Holding Capacity Quickly With Storage Semi Trailers

If your business is like most, the need for additional storage space can arise seemingly out of nowhere. Product or materials that arrive ahead of schedule. Outbound shipments that get delayed with no room in your facility to store them. There are many ways to find yourself in a bind. And if your storage semi trailer provider has long, drawn-out, leasing or rental processes, the company may be of little or no use to you.

Being able to arrange for a storage semi trailer to augment your capacity quickly and easily can help you turn a business challenge into a problem solved. It also prevents the ripple effect that can occur if you end up having to juggle loads of product or materials.

Get Insights From Semi Trailer Rental/Leasing Pros

Efficient semi trailer rental and leasing processes don’t happen by accident. They’re a reflection of the skills and experience of the provider’s staff. And that includes everyone: front office personnel, rental/leasing/sales team, maintenance pros, etc.

Consequently, if you choose to work with an over the road, cartage or storage semi trailer company that has a reputation for fast, efficient service, you’re going to get much more than that. You’re going to benefit from the collective expertise of a team that knows the business and understands that their mission is to help you succeed.

Rent or Lease Semi Trailers With Confidence

Here again, the fact that a semi trailer provider takes the time to develop rental and leasing processes that are fast and efficient means that they’re focused on doing things the right way. And that commitment undoubtedly carries over to other aspects of their business.

One of the most important is the way they maintain and care for their trailers. The last thing you need when you’re on the road with a rented or leased semi trailer is a mechanical issue. So, while the two areas may seem unrelated, moving through the rental or leasing process with no hiccups should give you confidence as you leave the lot that your trailer will perform as expected.

How to Know That a Semi Trailer Company’s Processes Are Efficient

So, you agree that a company’s semi trailer rental or leasing processes make a statement about the effectiveness of their operations as a whole. But how do you know whether those processes are efficient? Here are some clues:

  • The company’s processes are well defined. If a semi trailer provider tends to “wing it,” that should be a red flag.
  • Their processes should have a limited number of steps. Anything more than two or three steps and you may find yourself watching the clock tick as your work day gets away from you.
  • Paperwork should be kept to a minimum. You’ll need to complete an application and provide proof of insurance to any provider. But if they need too many more documents than that, their process is poorly designed.
  • Multiple payment options should be available. If you prefer to settle up via credit card or ACH, for example, and the provider doesn’t accept that form of payment, that’s going to make the transaction less convenient.

Boxwheel: Committed to Keeping It Simple

At Boxwheel, our focus is on making semi trailer leasing and rental quick and easy. Through our decades of industry experience, we’ve learned how to keep these transactions simple and stress-free.

We understand the pressures you face in trying to run your shipping and/or storage operation effectively. That’s why we work with the same kind of focus and sense of urgency that you do. Have questions about our three-step process? Our semi trailer experts can answer them.

They can also tell you about our extensive inventory of semi trailers for rent, lease and sale. From Wabash to Great Dane to Utility, and plate trailers to sheet and post trailers, we have the equipment to meet any need.

Please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to talking with you.

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